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. that's a nice bet . >> that is a nice bet. >> that's a big commitment for a week. >> i guess they just take their stuff out and put it aside. >> i want to mention we had gore de vol on earlier. there's a dvd documentary out about his career. i've not seen it yet. supposed to be funny . every other day is halloween available online now i guess. >> all right. winds continue out there. temperatures a lot colder overnight. we were 70 yesterday and the day before. today we'll be lucky to get into the upper 40. >> look at the wind how it's affecting the camera. >> the wind continues to howl out there. even with the bright sunshine doesn't feel terribly warm. wind advisory. let me mention that again. continues until 6:00. the winds are gusting at times. 45 maybe 50 miles per hour. and that's enough to cause local power outages. with the heavy rain we had last night. so just be ready for those windy conditions. noticeably colder. when i got in it was 60. and temperatures falling a good 15 degrees. 46 in leonard town. 30s to the north and to the west. 36 in winchester. 37 in hagerstown. the chi
with us tonight. >> thanks, ed. good to be with you. >> you bet. this is an emotional, gut-wrenching issue on both sides. people on the other side of the issue, lapierre's crowd think that they're being attacked. did today's hearing move the needle any closer towards meaningful reform do you think? >> yeah, i think it did. i think that first of all, it's hard to overlook representative gifford's remarks to us closing with be bold, be courageous, americans are counting on you. second, there were some concessions from the gun side. one of the experts conceded that these big, huge high capacity ammunition magazines were unusual, were a novelty, which in the language of this issue means that they're not protected by the supreme court's heller decision, which means that we can safely legislate to get rid of them. and that's their own side speaking. and as you point it out, i think this is room to move on the universal background checks. i think that it's very, very hard for the nra to continue to defend the position that people who are on the terrorist watch list should be allowed to buy firear
see a lot of art. and a lot of it is so beautiful. >> i bet. well, like you said, you have a great subject matter there, new orleans is so picturesque and beautiful. i don't know if you can see the artist because he was on the other side but he had a little brad pitt thing going on there. [ laughter ] >> oh, nice. >> you might want to go say hi. okay, thank you, michelle. >> all right. >>> 6:09. $80,000 apiece primo seats in the santa clara stadium are almost gone. anne makovec reports from santa clara. some mighty pricy seats. >> reporter: the 49ers have seen a spike in sales for the stadium behind me since the 9ers made it into the super bowl. everybody is all jazzed up about this willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars because these club seats will run you about $80,000. right now they are 95% sold. they have 900 of these primo seats at the 50-yard line. actually the second most expensive sports seats in the u.s. the dallas cowboys have the most expensive at $150,000. but the 9ers have sold $68 million worth of these club seat
are expected to drop in the southeast today. >>> here's what happens when somebody bets against the ravens. our game day wager with the cbs station in baltimore coming up next. ♪ we will be champions, my friends ♪ >> and the musical tribute to the 49ers by one of the longest running stage productions right here in san francisco. >>> what's cool about your school? submit your nomination on our website, cbssf.com/coolschool. and we may come out and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ♪me and you - a little rendezvous.♪ ♪that special something that will carry you through...♪ ♪that little reward for all the things you do.♪ luscious, creamy filling - combined with our slowmelting chocolate - the one and only ghirardelli squares chocolate. for all the things you do. now try creamy crunchy hazelnut crisp use chase freedom at drugstores this quarter, get 5% cash back. whoa everybody get, everybody get! activate your 5% cash back at chase.com/freedom save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 y
. there goes the sun. i bet you probably 7:14 a.m. it will come right back again. some clouds coming through late tonight. pushing colder air. the high of 66 was the temperature at midnight. below 42 was the afternoon low. we dropped a little more in the upper 30's nil. north and west in washington is where we are finding the colder temperatures. there is a push of colder air moving to the west. cold and and stables -- unstable air. maybe a dusting to have an inch of snow in many areas. look at the current air temperature, dropping quickly. 0 in minneapolis. the cold air is surging. the difference between the cold air a outbreak of last weekend this week, it will get -- left back up into canada. we're warming up rather quickly after we chill down for a couple of days. there are areas of snow showers. it is not a coastal storm. a lot of energy and atmospheric moisture. a light coating possible. flakes may be falling during the rush hour. if there is a chance of a slippery spot, that is something to be concerned with. we will clear up its stake cold in the afternoon with temperatures below fre
bet the company on the idea that natural gas would not only become the dominant power generating fuel it is becoming, overtaking coal, but it would also become a major surface vehicle fuel, the latter which makes so much sense, simply didn't happen or take off in time to boost chesapeake. aubrey is saying he's retired, but other sources are saying he was forced out. a victim of the wildcatting ways that have always been his hallmark. but just at the exact moment when he departs, rich kinder, the acknowledged dean of the oil and gas complex in the u.s. swoops up the partner in pipelines in order to get more exposure to the transfer of, you guessed it, natural gas and natural gas liquids from the eagle ford shale among others, two refineries that can turn fuel into plastic. kinder's saying the revolution that aubrey bet his company on is now upon us. aubrey didn't get there in time. i believe that chesapeake's board's decision to remove the man who has discovered more nat gas and liquids than anyone else on earth will mark the bottom in pricing for oily natural gas. kinder morgan knows
wanted to wish you congratulations and i made a friendly bet with the superintendent in baltimore. >> what is he going to give us? >> he can't compete with our sour bow bread and chocolates so we are still negotiating but i will let you know how that turns out and to all of our school communities we want to wish everyone 100th day of school. yay. [applause] thank you all very much. >> thank you superintendent for that very news filled presentation. now, we have a number of recognitions and accommodations tonight. superintendent carranza would you present the rave awards please. >> yes president norton. we would like to present the rave distinguished service award this evening to a teacher and i would like to call to the podium principal carol fong who will make the presentation. [applause] >> good evening commissioners and superintendent carranza. thank you for building in an opportunity in our infrastructure to really truly recognize outstanding staff in district. i am carol fong principal at aloha elementary street and it's my pleasure to introduce you to this person. it take
experience for everyone. you can bet that chris culliver has already learned a from it. joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> the nfl and federal agents this morning touted their efforts to crack down on fake nfl merchandise. they say a crackdown called "operation red zone" seized a record $13.6 million worth of counterfeit items such as jerseys, caps and t-shirts this season. officials say the internet makes enforcement tougher because people can now buy fakes online from other countries at a fraction of what the official nfl items sell for. we're out there. this is a full-on fight. we're gonna stay at it and put people in jail and take websites and take people's illegal profits and make sure that american innovation is protected as much as can possibly be done. >> the nfl and federal government say agents are out in force at the super bowl in new orleans seizing counterfeit nfl gear and making arrests. stay with us for continuing coverage from new orleans our team is bringing you live reports from the big easy in every newscast leading up to the super bowl. and on sunday n
was that the 9ers are going to do it. >> zoo workers told me they have a bet with the maryland zoo should the 49ers win the maryland zoo will rename its ravens exhibit to the 49ers and if the ravens win, san francisco zoo will rename its boone exhibit for a month. the zoo is doing something special on super bowl sunday. parents, if you bring your kids 14 and younger to the zoo and they are wearing 49ers gear they get in for free. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> everyone's getting in the spirit. thank you, cate. >>> meanwhile, new orleans and san francisco very different cities yes but in some ways very similar, as well. michelle griego found out many in san francisco say they owe san francisco for how the city looks today. >> reporter: when people around the world think of the vieux carre they think of scenes like this but it almost looks like this. >> we're not talking about a highway. we're talking about an act of barbarism. >> reporter: it would stand 40 feet tall and six lanes wide 3.5 miles of it running between the mississippi riv
good. >> i bet he's like a retired ice cap ades dancer. >> graceful with the hand movement. full extension with the leg. that's going to make the judges happy. you've got to love what the people filming this are saying. >> perfect. amazing. >> unbelievable. >> yeah, great. >> the part of the commentary where scott hamilton would say, he's giving it his all, throwing his head back. wow, i've never seen that move before.
file a suit. can i recommend lawyers to you. >> stephen: i bet you can. >> and bring a case yourself. >> stephen: cliff thanks so much for joining me. i'll be calling the lawyer. -x,yy5ss [cheers and applause] welcome back, everybody. thank you so much. [cheers and applause] nation, i'm not proud of it, but some nights, i go too easy on our radical marxist homo-fascist secret kenyan travesty of a joke of a so-called president. [ laughter ] what can i say? maybe i'm mellowing with age. and sadly, tonight is one of those nights, because barack obama has finally done something right in the war on terror. after years of empty promises, he is closing guantanamo's office of closing guantanamo. [ laughter ] we did it! finally, america can move beyond the sad chapter of trying to close down our gulag by the sea. [ laughter ] and they're closing the office of closing gitmo not a moment too soon. i heard the conditions in that office were horrific. people held for years in cramped, poorly-lit quarters and repeatedly water-coolered. [ laughter ] and more gratifying to conservatives like me, kee
forget. >> maria, i know you made good on your super bowl bet. you ready to go round 2 this on your super bowl bet. you ready to go round 2 this year?
background. same size. >> dana: racist. >> kimberly: he is so cute. it bet he will be in the movies. >> dana: they tell me i have to go. but we'll see you tomorrow >>> welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or otherwise known in texas as the dallas dip stick. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> are cats adorable, sweet natured pets or predators responsible for billions of animal deaths every year? the shocking story that i will be recuesing myself from straight ahead. and a colorado high school teacher is placed on leave after she allegedly talked about drug use and posts nearly naked pictures of herself on her twitter account. the story "red eye" was created for coming up. and finally sad news out of hollywood as warner brothers officially green lights the "entourage" movie. my thoughts and prayers for everybody involved in this tragedy. >> thanks, andy. >> you bet. >> wow, that's all? >> it was a downer at the end there. >> it was a downer, but you know what? jim neighbors got married and that should bring you up. >> i was happy he got married, slash, was alive. >> me too. go awa
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still think you will see a good jobs number tomorrow. i would say it is about 45% probability it is bet are than 185, closer to 200. we will see. but that's how you make money. >> joey. >> let's talk real quick about master card. i think an excellent quarter they reported. 52 week high. pulls back to 17. the way you play it, below 500, you get out. but 585, add more because it is going to 600. >> stephanie? >> adt. we like it. we've been buying it. it was a good quarter in earnings. revenues were a little bit light but i think that will improve as economy gradually improves. these guys have a share in home security business. reasonable valuation even though it had a nice move. >> man with a wall clock on his wrist. >> that's right. wall clock right there, baby. amn. february 31 calls short term trade but they are buying up these calls at about four times the open interest. i like the opening trade. >> let's get a quick look at the dow. last trading day of what's been a pretty good month, as you know, for stocks. there it is. dow under 13,900. making a march towards 14. hasn't been able
. >> reporter: for a dozen years education policymakers bet more testing and more accountability would mean more learning. but the gains have been modest at best and achievement gaps persist. and then there's everything that's not on the tests-- like creativity, responsibility and self-motivation. leaders in business and academia say not enough is being done to develop these vital traits. one possible solution? give students ways to apply their learning to bigger things than taking tests. >> we're building robots that are made to collect resources which are ping-pong balls. >> reporter: this was 13-year-old nathaniel's introduction to the idea that nations compete for scarce energy resources. >> you can do whatever you want to make them do this but they have to be able to go out, get ping-pong balls and bring them back. >> reporter: building robots kicked off a four-month study of energy by eighth grade students at king middle school in portland, maine. it's the theme of all their classes and it's led by science teacher peter hill. >> the school's approach is if everybody's engaged, everybody's
kelly ripa but that is just a bad day. super bowl bet is on now. taking advice from her husband, she picked ravens. former new york giants defensive send going with niners. he played and knows. now if baltimore wins he swril to do kelly's intense workout. if niners win they she swril to eat chicagoen wing autos other, brother. >> a young 49ers fan is not letting his condition get him down. >> he trance formed his room, look at this, into a 49ers shrine he has game jerseys 49ers blankets sheets teddy bears and team flags. and even has a little bling there. >> his family will join him his>uí>v favorite meal from kfc. >> my uncle is going to come. my family is going to come. we're going to watch ask eat chicken. >> he suffers from congenital heart problems and his stay may be a long one, if niners win he just wants one thing to add, of course, a super bowl trophy. >> that would be nice. and what a nice kid. >> we need to mempx a change 49ers. >> thatiçrz is a limb bit of fun there. >> no clouds in the sky. sunny, mild, take a look at conditions. snow tomorrow in the great lakes and pa
to change their image and they're betting the farm on these images, the z 10 touch screen and the q 10 has a keyboard they want to make this just like any other smart phone. social media, and a great platform all of these social media of making it easier to use. the blackberry store is finally getting some popular apps. and even television, movies. the bottom line is that they look good they could help but they might be a bit too late. and at the press event they surprised everyone bringing out al ecia keys they offered her a job. she will be the new global creative director and she will explain. >> i will work closely with the pack designers to help content, and explore this platform. i would like to further enhance this concept of a work, personal and one device. i think that works, phone, plea phones. gabe slate tech report phone, plea phones. gabe slate tech report sleep train'sor presidents' day presidents' day sale is on now. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delive
conservative news editorial page. you bet every pay attention to all of them because where there is smoke there is fire. >> kimberly: as a smoke and fire this morning the only place reporting it was fox news. because after when the raid was going on between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., cnn no, coverage found. >> dana: "miami herald" did run it. >> kimberly: they are doing their job. >> greg: i keep thinking all the time there is no way in heck i would run for office. when i see who is in office, i'm definitely qualified. >> eric: at what they are up to? >> kimberly: the good news is the main stream media says there shouldn't consideration of this whatsoever. coming up, why are high school students reciting the "pledge of allegiance" to american flag in arabic. some don't like it. the school's principal is not backing down. that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪ my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: as the father of a high school student and proud american this hits home. kids in rocky
it helps the flow throughs and helps us be more economically viable. >> okay, thank you. >>> you bet. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >>> good morning. my name is greg swan, i'm general manager of the sherri dan fisherman's wharf. i apologize, i'm getting over laryngitis. i hope you can hear me. [speaker not understood]. at the sherri dan fisherman's wharf that employs 2 80 employees year round. our section of the city you can consider the fringe area of the city. we're not in the core group of hotel next to moscone center. definitely sees a benefit from moscone center and this proposed expansion. as you know, as you can probably realize, most of our business is concentrated with summer travel season and during weekends when there is a lot of leisure travel. so, we have a lot of unused capacity at fisherman's wharf mid week when convention business really helps boost the occupancy in the city. we as a community down at fisherman's wharf support. this we see there is great up side potential and forming the public/private partnership, we see as very positive as we've seen some great resul
. >> rocky has got game. i bet right now. the costume is still on. >>> coming up, turning to a fortune teller for a super bowl pick. >>> and later, rihanna's tainted love story, explaining why, yes, she's back together with chris brown. you are watching "world news now." ♪ hey how much i love you boy >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lunesta. ght to you by lunesta. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day,
an hour at jfk. you can bet the airports are going to be clogged. we have we are going to see delays probably cancellations. southeast up toward the northeast where you see the dark shade of brown here that's a wind warning where you can see wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour. we see that around the nyc area. wind gusts 50 miles per hour. a lot of folks are nervous obviously. look at the 24-hour temperature change. behind the cold front temperatures dropping almost 40 degrees as the front continues to move eastward. we will keep you up to date on the damage reports that will be consistent through out the morning. >>> we begin this morning with a fox news alert. a tense hostage situation unfolding in alabama. more than 30 hours after the gunman kidnapped a 6-year-old boy off of a school bus. craig boswell is live with the latest. >>> good morning to you. we are 36 hours, a day and a half now inand very little information overnight. we are told we will be updated with information around 6:00 a.m. local time. that's a couple hours from now. we are in midland city, alabama. the pr
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if the area, so 85, 280 might be your best bet. new accident reported and oil spill northbound 880 approaching embarcadero. a couple of lanes are blocked due to the oil spill in lanes. so likely going to see some slowing at least through those downtown oakland exits. golden gate bridge looking good from marin county in san francisco. >>> a close call for a woman trying to save her dog that went over a cliff. a rescue at fort funston. first a dog went down and the woman tried to go after him and fell 50 feet down to the beach. eventually rescuers went down on ropes, retrieved the dog using a special harness. they had to airlift the woman off the beach. she is recovering from her injuries this morning. >>> a bay area family is on edge after being targeted twice this week by vandals. family told cbs 5 that someone clearly is out to get them. they live in san jose's willow glen enabled. it all started on monday when someone threw yellow paint on their car and slashed their tires. the second night vandals took it to a whole new level doused the front
zombie film. also sylvester stallone as an agent headman. the best bet for the weekend "argo," and "zero dark thirty" and " linkedin." -- "lincoln." >> have a nice weekend. >> next, a manthe man behind the fake girlfriend shares his side of the story. when he told dr. phil after admitting it. >> i am my rights for what they've done to me. >> an 85-year-old man who was forcibly sterilized as >> a dark chapter in the nation's history is up for debate. >> compensating people who were forcibly or -- sterilized. part of the discredited eugenics movement. >> the survivors are dying off. we first told you about this issue in august. there is a bill in the state house. there is a retired marine who is fighting for it. >> lois reynolds was a marine in korea and vietnam. allowed to fight but not to have children. >> reynolds and thousands of others the commonwealth deemed defective were sterilized between 1924 and 1979. part of a nationwide eugenics movement even adopted by hitler in an effort to build a superior race. he was labeled epileptic after he was hit in the head and suffered seizures. he
for liberal or conservative newspapers or has conservative news editorial page. you bet every pay attention to all of them because where there is smoke, there is fire. >> kimberly: as a smoke and fire this morning the only place reporting it was fox news. because after when the raid was going on between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., cnn no, coverage found. >> dana: "miami herald" did run it. >> kimberly: they are doing their job. >> greg: i keep thinking all the time there is no way in heck i would run for office. when i see who is in office, i'm definitely qualified. >> eric: at what they are up to? >> kimberly: the good news is the main stream media says there shouldn't consideration of this whatsoever. coming up, why are high school students reciting the "pledge of allegiance" to american flag in arabic. some don't like it. the school's principal is not backing down. that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪ my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: as the father of a high school student and proud american this hits home. kids in rocky mountain high school are allowed to say the "pledg
here. >> go behind a couple bushes, i bet there are some guns under there. pam bosley lost her son to gang violence. >> if they do it once, they'll do it again. >> reporter: she believes the city's push for more police is a good start. and the breath of hope for a city trying to cope. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> we thank you, alex. >>> and a change of topics now. today, everyone was watching as a superstar performer at the center of a big controversy finally broke her silence. we're talking abbeyon say, and "the star spangled banner." for anyone who doubted she could sing it, she sang it, all alone. here's abc's paula faris. >> reporter: she walked to the front of the stage and faced the music with music. ♪ o say can you see >> reporter: beyonce, belting out the national anthem acapella at her super bowl press conference today. no pre-recorded tracks. ♪ what so proud ly we hailed ♪ ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> reporter: she now admits she did sing over pre-recorded tracks at the presidential inauguration, sparking controversy. >> beyonce-gate. the crisis i
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. but that is a whole other story. >> i bet dolly parton was involved. >> could be. >> yeah, why not? >> what's fun. >> a big night of weather last night. the whole system is pushing off it the east. things are looking brighter today although it will be very windy. >> and cold? >> cooler. and cold tomorrow. let's get to the numbers and start with the very impressive rain across the region particularly just out to the west of washington where we had a pretty good swath of a couple of inches of rain set up. this is not snow even though it says that on the upper left- hand corner. my apologies. 1.14inches at reagan national. dulles, 2.31. bwi marshall, 1.62 inches of rain. we picked up the entire month? just a couple hours time last month. here are your temperatures. they are cooling off. 55 now in washington. we've fallen five degrees in the past hour. 55 in leonardtown. still, these temperatures rather mild for late january, particularly this time of day. 47 right now in martinsburg. 46 in hagerstown. i have officially our afternoon high temperature in the mid- 40s. so you can see we'll be falling
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williams. thank you, james dale. >> thank you. >> you bet. >>> when we return, let me finish with the most powerful republican in the u.s. senate who could be taken down by his own party. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep. do not take intermezzo if you have had an allergic reaction to drugs containing zolpidem, such as ambien. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath or swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and may be fatal. intermezzo should not be taken if you have taken another sleep medicine at bedtime or in the middle of the night or drank alcohol that day. do not drive or operate machinery until at least 4 hou
netflix look itself like a house of cards. because reid hastings is betting $100 million on this greek-- new content that he's creating. and this is just the first of many series that he's hoping will attract-- attract new subscribers. the real issue though with netflix is the costs that they are paying for this content. and it's higher than any network or cable company has to pay. investing $100 million in house of cards the series, you can buy, after friday when they premier the series tomorrow, you can buy the whole series, all 13 episodes for one month, 7.99 and then drop out of netflix so i'm not sure that strategy going to work. >> we'll have to find out if that return on investments is there for its shareldhos, porter bibb with mediatech capital parter? s.ld >> susie: one theme this earnings season: the impact of currencies on american corporate profits, especially for companies doing business in japan, where the u.s. dollar soared 11% against the japanese yen. that meant less business for many u.s. firms doing business there. it also meant less money after translating japanese
condition, all bets are off. people don't even think it's valid. but it is valid be one kimberly, obviously we are talking about opening serious floodgates. >> absolutely. has anyone questioned why this individual never had a reassignment surgery prior to being incarcerated? probably because she couldn't afford it. so she goes and commits this robbery, she goes to jail and the taxpayers should foot the bill? this is a point where she goes to die if she has the surgery, this is a purely elective surgery that the american taxpayer should not have to pay for. >> that's what we have to talk about here. opening the floodgates, no matter how much compassion you feel for this, this could be an extraordinarily interesting case and people still couldn't understand what all the other problems why this would be okay okay, you have the eighth amendment rights. that is part of our constitution and part of our constitution, including the eighth amendment says medical needs. they have to be dealt with. charles: okay, it's open to interpretation. i was going to tell you guys about this, have a good afterno
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have seen hurricane wind gusts. you can bet that we will have delays across the airports in the northeast. there are your wind gusts right now. forty-four in nantucket. philadelphia 52. we will still be left with those wins throughout the day. 30 degrees drop. 22 degrees in chicago. extremely cold across the northern plains, upper west. we are back to winter. back to you. connell: you are right. extreme. dagen: i saw that tweet about the temperature drop in chicago. it is bananas. >> they broke a record. it will be 3 degrees tomorrow in chicago. extreme weirdness. dagen: unbelievable. thank you so much. these guys could not get it done. we need jobs in the country, but the president's job counsel is going away. connell: that is it. it is done. we will talk more about the airstrikes in the middle east. what this conflict means that if anything, for the oil market. right now, let's go to the stock market with some of your winners on the s&p 500. ♪ twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portf
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